Mark dresses up for his TV debut with a dog cone.

Voyce of America

This is a promo for episode 1 of Voyce of America. It's Mark's transition from radio to TV, so he dressed up for the occasion with a dog cone.

Comedian Mark Voyce will leave you pondering the meaning of life, and the meaning of why you would spend any time listening to some comic from Baltimore discuss everything from why he smokes in the shower to the crumbling state of the free world.

Although being part of the human race, he hates all mankind (except for anyone who will watch him). Executive Produced by Maija Di Giorgio, Heather Mc Connell & Mark Voyce.

Creator and star of Voyce of America, Mark Voyce, Baltimore Comedy Legend, is cited by his comedy peers as both vastly influential and criminally underappreciated. Patton Oswalt has called Mark “the funniest comedian you’ve never heard of" and an "unsung genius".

Hollywood Outlaws loves to seek out and celebrate great veterans in comedy that the main stream has let slip thru the cracks. But Funny is funny and so is Comedian Mark Voyce. Maija DiGiorgio managed to drag him out of hiding in Los Angeles all the way to Scotland for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where they slept on a floor just to get on stage for a month. Thank you Lisa Collin for the tickets, Thank you Stephanie Ashford for the floor and thank you Biagio Tripodi for shipping us food. We had a blast at the festival. And once again Maija had her camera to catch this underground legend in action. This is the only festival clip I could find.
After we returned to the States, he became a part of the Hollywood Outlaw mission and came up with the name "Hollywood Outlaw Media Empire". Mark's radio show, "Voyce of America", heads up our radio network and Roku/Google TV channels as well. Actor and comedian Patton Oswalt calls Mark "the greatest comedian you've never heard of". Follow Mark Voyce as he comes out of hiding to become one of the funniest comedians everyone has heard of.

Mark Voyce has performed with such luminaries as Bill Hicks, Dave Chappelle, Dave Attel, John Stewart and Patton Oswalt. After performing in Edinburgh with the Hollywood Outlaw Comedy Tour, Mark joined in on Hollywood Outlaw Radio during it's first broadcasts and stayed through its transformation to TV with his show Voyce of America.

Mark found himself building all the sets along with contributing as a writer and actor on other shows. Tune into Voyce of America and watch each episode as Mark gives an entirely new one man show on it's feet and uncut.