A hilarious Tea Party Comedy starring Betty Binkley and Town Hall Tammy.
Elizabeth2 This is the official Tea Party Morning Show broadcasting live from their trailer home. These Palin Patriots are aimin' to re-reform America with witty banter, selective morality, and fancy footwork as they square dance with political stars. Don't forget their home-made recipes and taxidermy. Each episode is an eye-opener for all of the left wing socialists who need some guidance and a little sunshine in their life with their special musical duo "The Tea Tone Trio". This Tea Party comedy will have you scared for your life and your country but laughing the whole time.
Starring Betty Binkley, Town Hall Tammy, the Tea Tone Trio, and Jesus.

In episode 1, the ladies discuss pink sweaters in the military, Oprah, Sara Palin, and much more before they teach you how to make the very tasty Palin's Red, White, and Blue Beef Stew with little more than crisco and a can of stewed beef.

Executive Produced by Maija DiGiorgio & Heather McConnell. Directed by Maija DiGiorgio. Production by Matthew Copeland & Laura Dziamba. Sound and Music by Cory George. Original Score by Cory George and Laura Dziamba. Fine Art, Graphics and Animation by Ron Bradley.